Friday, January 9, 2009

On education, N.C. gets a "C"

"Quality Counts", the annual state-by-state report card from Education Week magazine, gives North Carolina average marks in the magazine's assessment of several education indicators. The state got a C, 75.5, in the rankings released this week. A "C" is also the U.S. average grade.

N.C. got slammed on K-12 achievement, earning a 66.7 or a D+. It also got a 67.8 or D+ for school finance. In a subcategory under school finance, the state got an F (48.2) on spending. One problem cited is the huge growth of English Language Learners, and insufficient resources to tackle the need. North Carolina is one of 13 states to see an explosion of ELLs, more than 200 percent from 1995 to 2005. Find more about this report at


JDWright said...

I'm not surprised that N.C. ranks low in education. It's been that way for as long as I can remember. Maybe if North Carolinians would get a better education, N.C. would have juries that could get it right. A 250#, biker, felon bully ten years my junior starts a fight with me and loses. Even though the jury is told that he just beat up a woman, the jury finds me guilty. A family member makes false allegations against me, which there is no law against in the first place, and a Charlotte magistrate and judge issue a restraining order against me, which prevents me from being with my father prior to and at his death. When I sue the family member for malicious prosecution, the jury rules against me. It didn't help that the lawyer lied to the jury about the law, and the judge let him get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was blessed, when I lived in Mecklenburg County. Even though only two percent of the population has a genius IQ, I never met anyone who didn't think that they were a genius. It doesn't surprise me that lawyers think that they are smarter than everybody else. And it doesn't surprise me that the police get together with their police buddies and make fun of how stupid the people are with whom they come in contact.

Anonymous said...

It should be obvious that no one in N.C. is concerned about education. How many people have gone to this site to make a post?

I don't know how representative the people who post on these sites are to the statistical population pool of N.C. If anyone reads some of these postings, they should be concerned. Not only are some of these people mean and hateful, but 70% to 80% of the bloggers judge people's guilt or innocence based on their looks. I was taught in school that we shouldn't judge people based on their looks. I guess, some people failed to get that memo.

Also, about 12 years ago two young men were sent to jail for a rape and murder in the Austin, Texas area. One boy confessed to the Pizza Hut crimes, because the police told him that he would otherwise get the death penalty. But the DNA matched also. At one time it was reported that the FBI lab had been lying about DNA test results in order to get guilty convictions.

When another prisoner confessed, a new DNA test was done. They discovered that the DNA also matched the recent person who confessed. The technicians then claimed that they didn't realize how complicated DNA and its interpretation were 12 years ago.

What are they going to discover new about DNA another 12 years from now?