Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hot lead on United Way exec

While donations to United Way of Central Carolina crater, something's going very, very right in High Point.
The campaign there is the only one in North Carolina to exceed its goal this year.
Read about it here.
Hmmm. Is High Point fertile ground for recruiting a new director for the ailing local agency, struggling to overcome public doubt after granting former director Gloria Pace King's a luxurious compensation package?
The campaign chair is Coy Williard. Check out this photo of him in a female N.C. State cheerleader outfit (he's a die-hard Chapel Hill fan) He's promised to walk down Main Street in it as a gimmick to raise money.
It's a far cry from King's famous fashions, but with the right colors, that just might work in Charlotte.
- posted by Mary Schulken



Anonymous said...

We people in High Point do things RIGHT and in the right way--the United Way! We produce more than good furniture--we produce good will.