Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sure, Gov. Sanford's a liar; but should he resign?

OK. So Mark Sanford lied to his wife, his staff, his state. Sure he had an affair, and had his security detail and the top levels of South Carolina government scrambling to find out where he disappeared to without even letting his wife and kids know - even though he skedaddled over Father's Day weekend. Is that enough to call for a governor to resign?

His enemies sure think so - even the Republican ones. They're already calling for his head.

And the media friend of conservatives, Fox News, didn't waste anytime asking its fan base what they thought. On its web site,, it asks in a big headline, "YOU DECIDE: Should Gov. Mark Sanford resign?"

We'll ask too. Should he? Vote here.


James Reed said...

What a loser. He needs to be run out of the state on a rail. This trumps even John Edwards.


He should resign not for having the affair but for his neglect of duty. The guy just disappeared and you can't do that as the governor of a state. Also, he may have used public funds to carry on this affair and if true he should certainly step down. He is human and he has made a mistake. But the mistake that should outrage South Carolinians is he left the job in secret to commit this affair. If he was a Democrat I'm sure Republicans would be calling for him to resign for moral failure. So to avoid further hypocracy he should resign.

Anonymous said...

Its funny the liberals come out of the woodwork when a Republican has an extramarital affair, but don't really bat an eye when the Democrats NC have run this state to the poor house.

Should he resign if he used public funds to carry on the affair than yes, but almost every politician has had an affair, Easley has records where his security detail can't account for his whereabouts for days also but nobody was calling for him to resign. Secondly the legislative session was over so the only thing that would require a Governor's attention would be a disaster either natural or man-made.

The Liberal Media bias is what made this a national story.

And this story does not trump John Edwards both had affairs, at least Sanford came clean on his while Edwards has an illegitimate child. If anything they are equally bad. More liberal bias.

Inspector Clouseau said...

From my perspective, the issue is quite simple. Rightly or wrongly, he has lost a substantial number of people who are willing to support him, place confidence in him, and trust him. A leader needs as many people believing in him or her as possible.

As for resignation,