Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sotomayor not playing well in N.C.

North Carolinians appear cool to Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court. A new poll from Public Policy Polling in Raleigh shows that just 39 percent say Sotomayor should be confirmed. Forty-three percent say she should not be confirmed and 18 percent are unsure.

That's a less-friendly reception than she's getting around the country. A Gallup poll released last week showed that 47 percent of respondents called President Obama's pick excellent or good, 20 percent rated it only fair and 13 percent called it poor. Among Republicans in that poll, 29 percent said she was excellent or good, a number that almost matched Democrats' 31 percent rating of John Roberts when he was nominated by President George W. Bush.

In polls by Quinnipiac University, Gallup and The Associated Press, half or more of respondents backed Sotomayor's confirmation.

In North Carolina, just 59 percent of Democrats back Sotomayor, compared with 81 percent of Democrats nationwide in the Quinnipiac poll. That poll showed 59 percent of women supporting her confirmation, compared with just 38 percent in North Carolina.

The numbers overall bode well for Sotomayor. Absent a loud backlash by voters, senators aren't likely to block her.

- Posted by Taylor Batten


Phillip said...

No one cares how she plays in NC. She's not up for election, and the NC citizens' views about her are irrelevant.

bridgette said...

Yes it does play in NC...the SupCourt rules cover the great state of NC, and her rulings can affect us. How can anyone think the ruling court of the land soesnt touch NC? Absurd.

Aside from that, any judge that has been overturned as much as she doesnt deserve this position. Also any judge that is deeply in debt as she... if she lacks good judgement in running her own life, how can she assist running the laws of this country?

bridgette said...

On one more thing...she ruled recently on a case of white fire fighters in CT that acheived high scores on their test and were not promoted, cause there weren't any blacks that scored well enough to be promoted as well. So my question to her is: If her house is on fire and her family is inside, who does she want to rescue them...the best firefighter available or a black man that may not kow what the hell he is doing?

Nathan said...

Yeah the billy bobs of north carolina would obiviously be cold to this pro choice candidate. The folks in carolina should go back to watching bunch of rednecks take 500 left turns in NASCAR !! North Carolina is PATHETIC !! But then who cares...

Aaron Baker said...
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South Carolina Regulators said...

Thing is, she's a classic example of reverse discrimination by Obama. He went looking for someone like her and ignored everyone else. You simply can't have it both ways. Either discrimination of any form is wrong, or it's not wrong. This "our time now" mentality is destroying all the gains of minorities have made, for it belies their fake concerns for equal treatment. And trashing NC speaks further to the hearts filled with the cancerous puss of hate and bias of some.

G.H. said...

First, some clarification for Nathan. The 600 mile race at Lowes Motor Speedway is 400 laps, which means that there are 1600 left turns on the 1.5 mile track. Please engage brain before operating uneducated fingers.

Phillip, She is up for a SUPREME COURT JUSTICE position. North Carolina is part of the United States of America, so ANY decision made by the Supreme Court affects ALL residents of all 50 States and their possessions. Our congressional representitives are the ones who either confirm or deny her appointment.

She has some EXTREMELY biased opinions, some of which are based soley on personal feelings, not based on fact or, as it should be, CASE OF LAW. Justice is supposed to be BLIND, not accounting for race, creed, religion, or any other dang thing, but on the FACTS OF LAW and CASE HISTORY.

The laws of this country are so innundated with double talk and ambiguity, that almost no one without 8 years of schooling can make heads or tails of what they can and cant do. I have to agree with other posters that she is definitly one who has shown reckless abandon when considering factual points of law, and instead gone with race or personal beliefs.

You liberals wanted "change", well, you got it now. I just hope there is enough left to spend on important stuff when this is all over.

pricilla said...

Three reasons she is wrong for this position (any ONE of which should be enough on its own):
-80% of her cases overturned on appeal,
-12 times commenting that she is a better judge than any white man just because she is a hispanic woman,
-on tape saying that the court makes policy when the court is most certainly not the place where law is created.

Promoting someone to this position solely because of their race/gender is just as bad as not promoting them for the same reason.

Aquilla said...

I think that my background as a middle class white male gives me the experience to make wiser decisions than a woman or Latino. How does that statement make you feel about my ability to make fair decisions?