Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shut up already, Mark Sanford!!!

Can somebody shut Gov. Mark Sanford up? Put a sock in his mouth and tape it?!!! Or just keep his hand over his mouth, as he's doing in this photo?
Here's the latest on the S.C. governor who left his state a couple of weeks ago to visit his mistress then lied to his staff, his wife and state officials about where he was.

Turns out he's had other liaisons, and he's ready to blab about them. He told the Associated Press Tuesday that he “crossed the lines” with a handful of women other than his mistress – but never had sex with them.

He “never crossed the ultimate line” with anyone but Maria Belen Chapur, the Argentine at the center of a scandal that has derailed his once-promising political career.“This was a whole lot more than a simple affair, this was a love story,” Sanford said. “A forbidden one, a tragic one, but a love story at the end of the day.”

Sanford said Chapur is his soul mate but he's trying to fall back in love with his wife.
He said that during the encounters with other women he “let his guard down” with some physical contact but “didn't cross the sex line.”
Ugh!!! TMI! TMI! Too much information!!!! Way to win the wife back, Mark.


Dan said...

It seems his tongue has the same problem his other body part has, neither one can stay in the proper place.

sue said...

Hmmm. A married Christian politician with a case of the hornies.
And this is still news because.......?

Vincenzo said...

I love this story it makes my own story look like something you might read on the side of a box of haggis pop tarts.

Michael said...

A good punch to the throat should shut his whiny kolo... go ahead, Jenny, do us all a favor and punk slap your pudden-headed husband. Please.


Jason said...

That's funny. Coming from a newspaper that has had several articles about the same story on the front page of their web site for a solid week, telling the subject of those stories to shut up already shows incredible chutzpah. If you're tired of the story, Observer, quit running it!

Art said...

What drama was there for us in lead up to the Glorious Fourth! Mr. Sanford gets booted off prime time by Michael Jackson, whose untimely death gripped the news cycle if not the weary public.
Next comes Sarah Palin who announced to her children and a few neighbors that she is tired of playing goernor and will just quit. This took her many minutes and thousands of words which no one understood--herself included I'll bet.
You gotta love this country!