Thursday, July 28, 2011

Even Perdue asks for ID; why against voter ID?

In a press release Thursday, the Mecklenburg Republican Party said "House Democrats blocked an effort to override Governor Perdue’s recent veto of a bill that would have required North Carolina voters to present a government-issued photo I.D. in order to vote" eventhough "up to 75 percent of North Carolinians [favor] voter I.D. requirements... and yesterday’s blocked override attempt have left many North Carolinians questioning the Governor’s -- as well as her party’s -- stance on preventing voter fraud in the state."
"The aptly named 'Restore Confidence in Government' Act is intended to do just that by addressing a variety of issues that could lead to voter fraud in North Carolina, including outdated voter registration rolls," the press release said.

Then it quotes MeckGOP Vice-Chair Patricia Murray, who said, “You need to provide photo I.D. in almost every part of American life from purchasing alcohol, to boarding planes, to even purchasing certain cold medicines. According to a recent invitation from the Governor’s office, you even need a photo I.D. to meet Governor Perdue! It raises many questions as to why Democratic leaders are so adamant about undermining common sense ballot security measures.”

A copy of Perdue's invitation stating that all invited guests must show an ID is included with the press release. The invite notes that the invitation is non-transferrable.


RobNClt said...

It is probably little known but some people already have to show ID to vote. I used to work at the polls and ID required is stamped by some voter's names.

So what's wrong with requiring everyone else to show ID?