Thursday, July 28, 2011

MSNBC dubs Bev Perdue the "thin blue line"

Gov. Bev Perdue might have to get out her autograph book. She got lavish praise on a segment of MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show" Wednesday night for stand against several pieces of legislation passed by the Republican-controlled N.C. legislature.

The clip began with Perdue's victory speech where she declared, "There's a new sheriff in town - and she knows how to do business."

Guest host Melissa Harris-Perry called the N.C. Democrat and her "giant" veto stamp, the "thin blue line" in the state against "uberconservatism." She said Perdue's numerous vetoes of legislation she feels is wrong for the state is a lesson to other politicians, even if some of the vetoes are overridden - N.C. Republicans have overridden several in a special session that just ended: "If you do stand up, it's on the record what these policies really mean, what they're designed to do."

Chris Fitzsimon of N.C. Policy Watch, a progressive think tank, was interviewed during the 11-minute segment. To view the segment, go to the link below:


Anonymous said...

The "thin blue line" just got erased. She is the most irrelevant governor in recent memory. The GOP in the legislature runs the state government now and the Dems hate this. They held power in Raliegh for so long and now bristle that they have no say. GOP power will be cemented next year when Pat McCrory soundly trounces Bev in the general election in November 2012.