Friday, July 22, 2011

N.C. GOP blames Perdue, Obama for joblessness

The North Carolina Republican Party has its own take on the uptick in joblessness in North Carolina: It's the Democrats' fault - in particular, the fault of President Barack Obama and Gov. Bev Perdue.

In a press release, North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes released the following statement after today’s announcement from the Employment Security Commission that North Carolina’s unemployment rate increased to 9.9 percent.

“Today’s jobs report indicates Governor Perdue and President Obama’s anti-job policies have failed to put North Carolinians back to work. These job figures are a somber reminder that Governor Perdue and President Obama are nothing more than roadblocks to job-creation and we cannot afford another four more years of their failed economic policies.”

What do you think?

ESC News Release:



cltindependent said...

Maybe they can work on jobs legislation instead of working to gut education and focusing on abortion and gays.

Jeto said...

More of the same blame game smoke and mirrors from the GOP. Wonder what stupid laws they have up their sleeve that they are trying to distract us from?

Matt said...

You mean roadblocks like wasting time on redistricting for political gain rather than focusing on job creation? Or maybe roadblocks like gutting state programs (and eliminating jobs, I might add) and still not managing to balance the budget for all the pain they've caused? Or could it be cutting the revenue stream we do have in place for a symbolic nod to bs campaign promises of cutting taxes, even though such a plan will do nothing to create jobs for years, even in the best case scenarios? And what about the fact that all of our local and national financial crises predate the election of either our governor OR the president?

Yeah, it's all Perdue and Obama's fault. Sure.

Gipper1965 said...

Isn't the GOP in control of both houses of the NC Legislature? Oh, I see, the problems they have are inherited. Trouble is, the GOP will always find someone to blame that's their job.

amberdixie17 said...

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WarriorPrincess4Him said...

The blame game goes on and what baffles me is how people continue to believe this load of garbage. How is it possible to not see through this pack of lies? Exactly what have the GOP done in the way of jobs? I've seen some jobs done away with, especially in the area of education. For pete's sake, let's not allow our children to get an education which would build them past a point of believing such lies as this! I know exactly why eduction is the first to get cut from those folks!

They make their top priority attacks on gay people, legalizing concealed weapons in BARS!!!!!, and redistricting for political their own political gain!

How any of that goes back to Obama and Perdue is beyond me. I can say this, it shouldn't take but one term to prove to everyone in the state why republicans have not held control for over 100 years!

Lester King said...

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amberdixie17 said...

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