Wednesday, July 13, 2011

N.C. voter changes: More unaffiliated, Repubs

The Civitas Institute, a conservative think-tank headquartered in Raleigh, has an intriguing graphic on its Carolina Transparency website about changes in voter registration in North Carolina. It notes that in the month of June, "North Carolina added 7,110 voters; Democrats lost 109 voters, Republicans picked up 1,690 and the Unaffiliated ranks grew by 5,310. Wake County saw the biggest gain adding 319 Democrats, 310 Republicans and 807 Unaffiliated voters to their county voter roster."

Mecklenburg saw the next highest increase with 891 new voters, 510 unaffiliated, 229 Democrats, 140 Republicans and 12 Libertarians. Among Mecklenburg voters, 45.6 percent are Democrats (274,481), 28.3 percent are Republicans (170,261) and 26 percent are unaffiliated (156,347).

Among Wake voters, 41.6 percent are Dems, 30.2 percent are Repubs and 27.9 percent are unaffiliated. Statewide, 44.3 percent are Dems, 31.5 percent Repubs and 24 percent unaffiliated.

Most new voters statewide (more than 5,000 of them) claimed the unaffiliated tag. Most growth in new voters came in urban areas, which ties in with new redistricting lines that were unveiled this week.

Check out other N.C. counties for their totals at


nugeme said...

Look at the unaffiliated! People are sick of BOTH parties...the liberal and out nof touch Democrats and the arrogant, self-serving Republicans. I think there will be some surprises in 2012!