Thursday, May 29, 2008

A dumb dunkin'

Wear a scarf at your own risk these days if you’re going to appear in an ad on the internet.

Food Network star Rachael Ray donned one to hawk Dunkin’ Donuts new iced coffee and conservative bloggers screamed jihadist. The ad got dunked, and Ray's image is taking beating as well.

Is Ray pushing terror by wearing something that may or may not look like a keffiyeh, the traditional scarf of Arab men? That’s what blogger Michelle Malkin says.

Or, is the whole thing moronic, as blogger David Kiley writes.

Is there any doubt?


Anonymous said...

This is the stupidest thing I've seen in a while. Probably not the stupidest thing I'll ever see, however. People never cease to amaze!

Edie said...

Are our military stationed in the ME that have discovered the usefulness of the kaffiyeh also jihadists?

The kaffiyeh shields the head from the sun in the summer, is warm and soft in the winter and keeps the sand out of your mouth and eyes on windy days.

Neo-conservatives will always rely on scare-tactics and Americans, not being the most knowledgeable about other cultures and things international, are taken in too easily. I have to say I'm REALLY disapointed in Dunkin' Donut's cowardice the most though.

The Small Biz. Guru said...

This is hilarious.

To address edie, regardless of whether or not DD showed cowardice, in this day and age, you do NOT want to be labeled a terrorist supporter. Even if this is outlandish issue...