Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Republicans want in!

How enticing is today’s full-scale Democratic presidential primary? So enticing even some Republicans want in. The News & Observer reports the N.C. Board of Elections has received complaints from GOP voters who’ve asked for Democratic ballots. Here’s what the paper reported:

“At Raleigh’s Falls River precinct (in Raleigh), voter Diane Earp said she was
frustrated to learn that the state does not allow crossover voting in the
primary.‘I am so disgusted with my Republican Party of the last eight years
I want to change my position,’ she said.”

Unaffiliated voters can choose which primary they want to cast ballots in, but party crossover voting is not allowed in North Carolina. Should it be? Or would that open the door and let voters in one party manipulate the outcome of the other party’s nomination?


Anonymous said...

When the parties start footing the bill, the parties should be able to decide only party members can vote in them. Until then, anyone should be able to crossover.

Anonymous said...


Joey said...

Switch your party to unaffiliated and then you can choose which ballot to vote on. Solves the problem.

Anonymous said...

No switching at the time of the primary; switch to independent before the primaries and you get to choose. Oh, and you might get fewer automated phone calls. Hmmm. Not a bad idea there.

You can "cross" party lines during the general elections. That's how the system works.

Anonymous said...

Do away with political parties. Have all states' primararies held on the same day. Do away with the electoral college and go with the popular vote. This system has been defective from the beginning. Otherwise, no crossover voting. You picked your party. Tired of it? Show it in November.