Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kathleen Parker's nutty heritage, not hate, column

From Jonathan Chait of The New Republic:

Right-wing syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker got some attention last week for writing a distinctly un-American, and somewhat fascistic, column (which ran in The Observer May 15) describing Barack Obama as not being a "full-blooded American." Parker defined the concept thusly: "It's about blood equity, heritage and commitment to hard-won American values. And roots." This concept is many things, but one of them is a device that's historically been used to deny the possibility that rootless, cosmopolitan Jews can be full members of a society.

Anyway, my friend Paul Campos points out that this column is now running on "Jewish World Review." I wonder how many of the readers count as full-blooded Americans?


webber said...

Interesting that you can't even get the name of the publication, Jewish World Review, correct. The site, if you've you bothered to check it out, publishes all sorts of opinions, from Left to Right.

Chait may be correct that "historically [the description has]been used to deny the possibility that rootless, cosmopolitan Jews can be full members of a society." But not in America.

Jews where on these shores before there was an America and, in fact, helped fund the Revolutionary War.

The Observer Editorial Board said...

Thanks, I corrected the name of the site. I didn't notice the New Republic had the name scrambled even after having "checked out" the site off and on for years. -- Kevin Siers

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Parker is a typical hate monger like that other Blonde who made a fool of herself; Kathleen must be a member of a WHITE supremacy group that hates Jews , Blacks , Catholics and everybody who walks with a swing; She is an example of passed on bigotry from her Parents ; This is what I call inherited bigotry; She is not alone I run into People like this all day long ; They hate becuase they can . Kathleen how will you get into the gates of Heaven if you hate Jews Jesus was a Nazarene.

Anonymous said...
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