Friday, May 16, 2008

Time for media 'Mac Attack' on McCain?

The Boston Phoenix thinks the media largely has given Sen. John McCain a pass on his stands on issues as he’s campaigned for president. But as the presidential race shifts into high gear for the fall elections, reporter Adam Reilly offers some places to probing:

1) The economy: This past January, the Huffington Post reported that, in a meeting with the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board, McCain said he “doesn’t really understand economics.” McCain denied the report. But what is McCain’s economic IQ? And what concrete steps, beyond tax cuts, would he take to keep America’s economic woes from worsening?

2) Islam: There’s reason to question McCain’s foreign-policy aptitude, especially regarding things Islamic. He’s confused Sunnis and Shiites on multiple occasions. Understanding Islam and the Middle East is absolutely essential to America’s national security. Does McCain grasp them well enough to be president?

3) Money/politics/ethics: Does McCain’s reputation as a reformer dedicated to reducing the influence of money on politics square with his own actions? Remember the Keating Five savings and loan scandal? What about charges he’s gotten over a million dollars in campaign contributions from lobbyists, who had interests before the Senate Commerce Committee which McCain chaired at the time.

4) Faith: McCain has his own pastor problems. McCain has cozied up to assorted figures on the religious right – including the late Jerry Falwell (McCain spoke at the commencement ceremonies of Liberty University, which Falwell founded, in 2006), Rod Parsley (an Ohio minister who’s urged the eradication of Islam, and whom McCain called a “spiritual guide” this past February), and John Hagee (a televangelist who, among other things, has called the Catholic Church the “Great Whore”). McCain has said that he doesn’t share all his endorsers’ views but hasn’t condemned them emphatically or given up their support.

For the entire list go to What do you think? Is this a worthy list to explore? Or are these baseless attacks unworthy of even considering digging into? Do you have your own list of stories to pursue?


Anonymous said...

It is about time for the media to expose McCain for the hypocrit that he is. He has gotten a free ride as opposed to all the unfair attacks on Obama. Like most Republicans he will do and say anything to get elected. America needs to know the truth about McCain and the media has a responsibility to tell the truth. Amen!!

Anonymous said...

You don't think Obama is doing and saying anything to get elected? You're in lala-land like most of his supporters.

Anonymous said...

To the previous anonymous. Obama is the truth and exactly what America needs at this time. McCain is more of the same as Bush - lying,cheating,and deceiving the American people. If you and others cannot see this then you are totally blind and deserve more of the same as the last eight years.Change is hard but there is only one person for that job and it is Obama !!

Anonymous said...

La la.

The things he is promising will cost BILLIONS of dollars. Where will all that money come from? I'm sure you think it will come from MY pocket and not yours. You are being manipulated by a charismatic guy who has great handlers and no message except that things will change.

Anonymous said...

The Obamessiah is not the truth. The Obamessiah is just another lying, Chicago machine hack.

Re: the original post,

1) Going after McC on economic specifics would not be a good idea, because it will force Obama to have to deal with specifics in turn. What does Obama offer on economics? Tax and spend. Americans may like change and hope, but they hope you don't steal their change in the process.

2) McC misspoke twice, using the wrong term and then quickly correcting himself. Obama messed up the number of states in the US, thinks Arkansas is closer to Kentucky than Illinois, and other gaffes. Do they really think it's in their best interests to see who has made the worse verbal gaffes?

3) Again, stones and glass houses. Does Obama really want Rezko back on the front pages? Does he want Ayers' fundraising for him to be re-opened? Given his ties to the Daley machine and the Teamsters, do they really want to go after McCain's ethics?

4) Again, do they really want Wright being discussed again? The most damaging revelations about their relationship (i.e., quotations from Obama's book that show he was well aware of Wright's hatemongering) haven't hit the major media yet.

Pointing out the speck in the other guy's eye while there's a beam sticking out of yours wasn't the wisest idea decades ago. In the Internet age, it's probably suicidal.

Then again, having Tom "fake war hero" Harkin criticizing McCain's military past probably isn't the brightest idea, either...

Anonymous said...

Hey, does this look like a hit piece in McCain or what? The Boston Phoenix? Could they cite a more far left-wing rag? Also, there's a hit piece on Hillary too! Where's the hit piece on Barak Obama. Whoops! Another case of liberal media attack in favor of Obama. This "newspaper" is more of an opinion paper than news. Come on now, show us you ACLU and registered Democrat cards. As a "newspaper" you're a disgrace and should have your 1st Amendment freedom of the press right revoked.