Thursday, May 8, 2008

How Bowles popped the question

Holden Thorp, UNC Chapel Hill’s new chancellor, may never be as famous as the Tar Heel’s household word, ol’ Roy, but he’s pretty good at cracking a joke.
After the UNC Board of Governors offered him the job Thursday, he told the story of how President Erskine Bowles offered him the job. Seems the two of them had taken a road trip to Greensboro to talk with board chairman Jim Phillips.
On the way home, they stopped for gas, and Mr. Bowles apparently popped the question while pumping.
"Bet you never thought you’d get offered this job at a gas station," Dr. Thorp remembered Mr. Bowles telling him.
"Erskine, I’m never going to forget the Exxon on Wendover," Dr. Thorp said at the board meeting, turning to Mr. Bowles.
"I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t go in and get some nabs," he added.